Illustration Choices
I can provide Black and White or Full Color illustrations of Building Exteriors and Interiors, Floor Plans, Elevations, Relationship Diagrams and Site Plans. Depending upon the complexity desired these can be either loosly rendered sketches or finely detailed illustrations.

Most of my Color illustrations are rendered with mixed media (markers, pencils, pastels etc). Relationship Diagrams, Building Elevations, Building Plans and Site Plans can also be rendered electronically.

Illustrations are presented in sizes that suit your needs. I have found, however, that a 11x17 format allows one to easily scan the images into digital media for marketing, production or archival purposes.
Project Process
Initial Meeting: I begin with a disussion of your project either in person or by telephone. I discuss the delivery date for the illustration, the kind of illustration you require and the level of detail you need.

Contract: An agreement is drawn up and faxed. I begin the illustration upon receipt of the signed contract and any relevant sketches or drawings that will give me the information I need. These may include Floor Plans, Site Plans, Roof Plans, Elevations, Material and Color Selections made. Photographs of the site and surrounding features are extremely helpful.

Preliminary Sketches: I discuss your preference of perspective views or provide you with a choice of different Wire Frames views. Upon your selection of a view, I roughly sketch surrounding features and entourage and fax the sketch for approval.

Final Illustration: I begin the illustration upon your approval of the preliminary sketch. The final illustration is sent to you by courier or overnight air as needed.